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Multiculturalism has always been the big debate in Canada. What does it mean, who does it touch and where is it going? Some say that multiculturalism isn’t possible but we at Variety Crossing Press disagree. Multiculturalism is alive and well in Canada. It lives on through the people and the stories they have to tell. It’s about relating, discussing and recreating your own identity.

Variety Crossing welcomes you and encourages you to read the many diverse authors we have in Canada. As we grow, we hope that we can share with you new authors and encourage you to continue to open your mind to other ways of thinking, looking and digesting at things.

We are always looking for your comments and thoughts on Multiculturalism. Heck, send us your stories and we might even publish them!

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy our blog.

The staff at Variety Crossing Press

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